Was I wrong for being the bad guy on the set up for a date?

I hate being set-up for dates by friends especially with people I've never met..

I am infuriated with my friend. she tried to set me up with her cousin. She showed me his picture and not once did I say...yes set me up. I had no reaction whatsoever. I did not find him attractive at all. To be nice I just didn't say anything.

Ever since then she's been bugging me about how much he wants to meet me, texting, etc. She even put him on the phone while I was talking to her.

I told her over and over I'm really not interested. Then when he got on the phone I had to be the bad guy and turn him down.

Now she's really not speaking to me.

Was I wrong? I don't believe I was.


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  • I don't think you were wrong. I can understand your friend wanting to see you happy and thinking that you and her cousin might be a good match, but if you're not interested, you're not interested.


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  • You're not wrong.

  • You did everything right.


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