Should I take what he said seriously?

I went out to dinner with a co worker.

He told me his friend said do you realize this is a date. But his friend also said when they went out together it was a date.

So was it a date?

Just confused. Been getting mixed signals from this guy for a while.


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  • I don't think it was a date.

    • Why not?

    • If I understand your question, you went out with a co worker to dinner. The co worker's friend said it was a date, not the co-worker. If I have that wrong, I'm sorry..then that same friend said that when (he/she) went out with the co-worker it was also a 'date'? Maybe I'm not understanding what you wrote...but if they're saying everything is a 'date', it doesn't seem yours was.

    • Yeah. That threw me off too. He paid tho. He's hard to read. And there has been flirting between us. I guess I have to see how things go to tell. I have suggested hang out before and it never happened tik now and I don't know if that's cause he isn't in a relationship anymore, or if that is just a coincidence.

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  • All in the eye of the beholder!

    If you thought it was a date, then t was,if you thought it was just a friendly conversation, then it was just friendship.

  • It was really a date.


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  • I really cannot tell from this but my guess is that it was said in a joking manner if the friend said the same when they went out together. But if you are interested in him you could always try to subtly flirt and see how he reacts or you could ask him to hang out again, just the two of you(:

    • I can't either. I don't know why he would tell me that tho. He paid. We have flirted here and there. But I dunno. He's hard to read. I have suggested hanging out before and it never happened and I don't know if it was cause he was in a relationship then?

    • Well I'd just try again and see if he's interested.

    • Yeah. I'll see how it goes. He was all nervous when he first got in the car.

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