Girls: do you ever forget/look past unattractive traits about a guy?

Let's say you meet a guy, later give him the "lets just be friends" speech because certain parts of his personality are a turn off.

IN MY PERSONAL SCENARIO I'm too much of a blabber mouth and get myself into trouble. I can be a bit over bearing at times. I have a tendency to clash with this girl due to our personalities only in regards to the topic of "Dating"(not us dating, but any situation that involves dating). Like we basically have different opinions on scenarios and fight a lot about them. And I have a tendency to ask her for advice but not take it due to my stubbornness

Also I'm curious, if a girl is picking out undesirable traits for a reason she doesn't wanna date a guy, is that a way of politely saying she doesn't like him at all? Cause surely if there's a few undesirable parts, she can try the relationship and work with him to change it right?

And finally, how do I show a girl(while I OF COURSE date other girls, so I don't wait around) then I'm slowly working on my undesirable traits? And how long will it take for her to realize and give me a chance?

thanks again

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  • I'm going to ignore your scenario because if you can't figure out why you would suck as a partner then you don't need a partner anyway.

    Insofar as females picking traits and using them to break-up, uncommon.

    Insofar as changing your behavior I recommend you do this without dating first being somewhat more manageable rather than playtesting with other people wasting their time as it will eventually sour not only your reputation but also your ability to clearly think and positively change since your changes will accommodate the person rather than measurably improve by a standard.

    In short since you're pretty much an annoyance work on not being annoying by yourself rather than annoying someone while making an attempt to not be as annoying since all you'll do is shut off the parts that annoy them rather than working on not being a nuisance in general.

    • Can you please elabatorate why I would suck as a partner and how to improve, point by point?