If you are in your mid twenties and never been on a date, do you know when somebody likes you or not?

Ive never been on a date or knew if a girl liked me as they never actually say they do. And then also I am such a terrible socializer and communucator that I can't be around people for very long so I just give up anyways. But being 26 and never dated I know for sire that I still don't understand how to reconize if a girl that I see but Haven't met yet likes me. And that being the only real chance that chance to find a relationship. People always say look for these signs but I feel like those sgns mean nothing anyways, besides not rwally knowing how to exhibit them and feel comfortable doing it myself. Yes I can look at a girl but that's as far as it goes. Girls get creeped out when people look at them anyways


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  • First, if you've already identified the problem ("I am such a terrible socializer and communucator") then you need to work on that.

    Second, when it comes to dating, you don't know if someone likes you or not until you've asked them out. If they say yes, they like you enough. If they say yes to a second date, they liked you well enough during the first date. It's THAT simple.

    No one gets to know in advance whether or not the girl will truly like them or not.

    It would be nice if we did, because we wouldn't have to risk rejection.

    But tough - life isn't like that. And we all risk rejection when we ask someone out.

    Stop looking for signs. Stop freaking girls out.

    If you like her, ask her out.


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  • You will know.

    Just read their body language.

  • you need to exhibit few signs of douche bag..if you want girls to notice you and be interested in dating you