How to tell my boyfriend that something bad has happened

Something bad came up in my family and I'm having a really stressful time. I can't sleep at night and this issue is almost all I can think about. My boyfriend doesn't know, I haven't told him, he's abroad now and won't see him for a month. I haven't texted him since it happened yesterday, and he sent me a text this morning asking how I am and saying that he's really busy researching his thesis. But I don't know what to reply... I don't want to tell him in a text... I considered texting him just: ''things are bad''... Please advise me what to do... :(


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  • Just send the text. This is about your needs right now. Not his. If he gets pissy you didn't tell him about your crisis in the way most convenient for him, he's pretty selfish. In these situations it's okay to just "blurt" it and send a one liner. If he's asleep, he'll respond when he wakes up. I sent my boyfriend a text out of the blue saying just "my dad's cancer is back". No explanation needed that it was upsetting or effecting me. The rest of the story and everything else will come out during the conversation that flows from that first text.


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  • You should really talk this out with your boyfriend.

  • Phone him.

    If you text him just 'things are bad', he might panic.

    Any good boyfriend will want to comfort you.

    • can't phone him now, it's the middle of the night over there, but I should text him so he gets it in the morning... and see if he would call me tomorrow...

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