The old Phone or text debate


So basically I went on a date about a week ago with girl I met online. I'd like to think the date went pretty okay. I mean, she invited me in afterward and I met all her flatmates. We kissed goodnight on the lips and texted for 2 days after up until I said I'd be in touch over the weekend about date 2 (we roughly set it up during the first date) as I didn't want to be texting her every day.

So what I'm looking for some advice on is what's best. Should I phone her or text her on Sunday night? We're only 22 (whether that makes a difference). Most people seem to think phoning is best. But I'm not sure after one date. I'm confident enough to phone but don't want to freak her out after only one date. As a girl would a guy phoning you for a quick call put you off him? Or would you even answer?

Thanks all for any advice :)


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  • Phoning her is the most intimate.

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