Girls: if you just met a guy and he texted you this, would you respond?

Title describes the situation. I just met a girl. A bit after I got her number, I texted her saying "Hey Jamie, it's Adam from earlier... just wanted you to have my number too. It was nice to meet ya!"

Would you respond?

I'm pretty sure our conversation went amazing. Lots of laughing, eye contact, she said coffee sounds great, and she asked me a couple questions and told me about her parents. She also gave me her first and last name. So all things considered, should I expect a response back?

And as a second question for the comments, if she does not respond, is it for sure a bad thing?

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Well she responded :) but I'm still curious on the overall number for future knowledge!


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  • You didn't end in a question so there is no real reason to respond (not meaning that in a rude way). She might not comment because she doesn't want to seem too desperate or excited... she wants you to go after her. So, it might not be a definite bad thing.


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