Army ex or navy friend

So my ex was in the army did a few tours in Afghanistan/Iraq came back and got out and was diagnosed with ptsd ... I met him a few years later. We immediately hit it off and I couldn't have been happier. I have a small child, and have always been so cautious to whom I date if ever. A few months after he had an episode which I stayed through and we broke up when he said he cheated on me. Now about a year later... He came back to tell me that he still loved me and just wanted me to know that he never did cheat it was just his way to get me away from him when he got bad. That the whole time 'our love' kept him through everything and he owed me the truth.


Enter navy guy... I have known him for over 6 years always have been able to talk to him about everything and he has never done anything to hurt me. We never really dated since we live too far from each other and we both don't want a LDR , but now he wants to put in to move closer to me ...

Whom do I choose?

The ex army whom I fell in love with, still care for but hurt me terribly in the past (I understand but it's still hard after so long) sigh...

Or navy, who I could see being my best friend through life if dating worked out.

The friend or the chance to get hurt...

What path do I take... They are both important to me, and I would have tried moving on from my ex with navy guy soon if he hadn't shown back up.

... Too much pressure

What do I do

P.s. I just joined the army and haven't dated since my ex.


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  • Just focus on your career atm. I don't know how the army works since I was in the Marines, but there's a reason why the elites despise the offense.

    Focus on your first 8 years, trust me your not gonna stay in once place, your gonna be moving everywhere. And if you did get a long term station, and you decide to settle. You'll decide "its time to start a family", get pregnant and all that. They are not gonna be lenient towards your PT scores since you just joined. Only long time veterans 10 years+ in service or if they are over 30 years old, will get the luxury of getting a pass in their scores.

    I don't know what the Army Officers say about relationships, but I know for a fact Marine officers (commissioned and non-commissioned) will enforce the idea of not having a girlfriend/boyfriend on their first 8 years of service.

    The military puts you in a path, and make sure you stay in that path. But if you decide to fall off, that's your fault.


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  • Navy Dude you can't be (Just Friend...) and that army guy shady/weird idk/something, and what about your child who does she/he likes more? or which one of them cares more about him/her?, who will be a better father ^_^ ..?!,

  • Go for the navy guy.


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