Is this guy still interested or not? Help! :(

I've been talking to this guy for a few months now. We met online and he waited 4 months to meet me. Leading up to this, we always talked. All day everyday. Nothing sexual, ever. No dirty pictures or anything. When I would be drunk and text him something sexual, he would totally ignore it and change the subject. He always offered to look after me when I was sick/injured, he'd always offer to pick me up from town after a night of clubbing if I was too drunk to get home, he even cancelled a date once for me (even though I told him not to)

We met up on Wednesday night. We didn't hug or kiss - we just talked. Then afterward, he dropped me off and everything was fine.

He found out I had another date with a guy and I found out he had another date with a girl last night. I vented to him about how awful this other guy was and how he used me for sex. I drunk messaged him last night and we spoke. He kept saying things like "we should meet up and see what happens :)" and stuff like that. He said nothing happened with that other chick and he wants to see me. But, he keeps talking about making out, making moves on me and seeing me naked. Things that he has NEVER said before! And, we've been messaging all day and he's suddenly just stopped replying.

Is this guy really interested, or am I just wasting my time?


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  • He's interested if that's what you're asking for, though it seems that he only wants you to as a friend.


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