How far in advance do you call to make a date?

I've asked a guy I'm seeing to call me on Wednesday to make weekend plans. A lot of my friends (and their dates/boyfriends/SOs) work with this system. They say it's just a respectful way to make plans. I agree.

While the occasional impromptu meeting (mid-week, for example) is nice, I feel that ALWAYS waiting till the last minute to make plans with me is disrespectful of my time.

What do you guys think? How far in advance do you make plans with your date/girlfriend/SO?

  • I make plans on the spot (Friday for Friday).
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  • I make plans Thursday for Friday/Saturday.
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  • I make plans Wednesday for Friday/Saturday.
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  • I make plans Mon/Tues for Friday/Saturday.
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  • I make plans a full week in advance (at the end of my last date).
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  • I always make my plan 2 days in advance.


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