How long to wait to reply to ex

Me and ex broke up about a month ago (he choice), it was only a 2month thing but I was totally sure about her. she's been seeing another guy for a couple of weeks and we've been texting, sometimes I get a bit emotional on the texts but mostly its day to day stuff and I more than often start the convo. Today I decided I would wait for her to text me first (as I often text in the morning). We use whatsapp and I've now got 3 messages in there and Haven't opened it so will look like I Haven't been on there all day. There's only a few people that I message on whatsapp and I'm pretty sure one sent at about 3pm was her but I'm not sure.

2 issues, 1, I'm trying not to look, incase its not her and she still hasn't messaged, 2. If it is her, how long should I leave it before looking at the message? Its been 2 hours. I guess I want to get her thinking... we Haven't gone this long between texts since... ever.


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  • dude she got a new maybe you should just get a new girlfriend and move on...