He deleted me off his Facebook? Why? :(

There's this guy I met through online few years ago and we actually do live in the same country. Though we haven't met yet, I know it sounds like that show. Also I know that people online may not always be what they seem. I understand that & know that I could be vice versa for him. Anyways, we talked a lot online and then it went to texting. It felt like we had chemistry together.

There would be times when he would randomly ask me if I would like to go coffee with him or watch a movie. I would accept though at first I didn't know him that much & then I would cancel. So we would stay as friends and recently we've been talking a lot and texting alot.

I would start to have feelings for him again but I would never tell him even when he would ask me out to coffee or a movie. Though on the day of our first actual date, he had to assist his mother to the hospital and told me ahead of time before our date. He sincerely apologized and wanted to make it up to me. He would always text me and ask how I am, random texts,helps me with any problems, etc.

Recently, I've been having problems at work and really needed someone to talk to and so we talked on the phone for the first time. We had a really good conversation and helped me vent out and made me feel better. We stayed up till 3 am & he told me he usually doesn't talk that long. Though he mentions to me he has a social anxiety and sometimes think of cutting himself out of people's lives.

So it shocked me that the next day, he started acting a bit differently. He's a bit of a drinker and was of course drinking as he said this to me, "I think its time...I cut myself off people's lives." he was gonna delete his fb and I told him I was sad but was okay if that's what he wants. I was heart broken, though the next day later in the day, he texts "sorry about all the bullsh*t from last night, how are you today?"

Though I was still sad and upset, I ignore it. Sometimes I text him back really late esp if I have no load. Though I logged on fb and was pretty much ignoring his instant messages. Then I come back later and he has deleted me off his fb.

I left a short message saying that I honestly don't know what to think anymore, that I thought we were good friends and were getting closer when we talked on the phone. Then it seemed that he was pushing myself away from me. I also told him that I know he apologized but I don't know if he'll say something like that again. Though I said if that's what he wants, its his choice. That I really do appreciate/grateful for our friendship or what was left of it.

that he lost a good friend and I that I lost one too. and if he was planning on blocking, well at least I said my peace. Though I was afraid of telling him of my feelings in fear of being rejected even more. I still want him but feel I should just leave him alone. Did I make it worse with my message? Why is he acting like this? why did he delete me? I don't know what to do anymore. Please help?


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  • (social anxiety and cutting himself out of people's lives.) now that he did it even if he will be thinking about you for the next 6 months non stop wanting to call or text you he will not do it no matter what you write to him, he may even be deleting your msgs without reading them...i have a person like that in my family but he's even more worst in some ways than yours friend, he doesn't drink but it is a big problem that yours do...

    • Oh really? :( Thanks for pointing that out for me. I don't know why he has to be like that. He literally hurt me and broke my heart when he started talking like that. We had a good/great bond then he started acting like that? I wish I didn't ignore his last messages to me. All I could do is try to forget about him and leave him alone even when it's literally killing me inside.

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