He now wants to be friends.

There is this guy we meet online. We talked and text messages each other all day. I was up front about how I really looked like and same with him. We finally meet in person and he ran up to me and hugged me and kissed me and the whole time we err together he didn't let me go and would here and there give me kisses and some passinant once as well (sex was not involved). When I got home I asked him now after he meet me in person does he still want to be with me. He told me no and he wants to be friends. I can respect that and even told him I don't want that with him but I would respect his choose. Every morning he still texts me good morning muah. I don't know what he truly wants from me then. I'm still completely in the dark from the whole situation because him saying he just wants to be friends 2 hrs after he meet me and acted like he did want to be with me just like I wanted to be with him just comepletly blind sitter me and including he won't tell me what happen for him to change his mind. I don't know how to handle this situation or what to do.


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  • He just want to take it slow.

    He's still interested in you.

    • Does that still apply when we no longer talk all the time like we used to. I will now get my good morning muah and nothing much during the day and in the afternoon I get how are you doing and the kids?

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