Is he still interested in me?

I'll try to keep it short.

Met this guy online. Was texting for a few mounths now. From the beginning until now, he is still a mistery for me. Naturaly he is serious, doesn't show a lot of emotions and doesn't talk very much about himself. I'm always the one who start conversation first and he texted me a few times. He called me cute names and was flirting from time to time. And also was throwing hints about coming to visit me. But he often is joking and doesn't talk with me seriously when I try too. And that's the reason why I still wonder if he likes me. But somehow he became distant and colder. I noticed that and asked "do you want me to stop being so good to you and showing so much attetion?" Because I feel like he got colder the day, when I texted him a kiss, because he always the one who sends the kisses first. But after my question he said "do however you want. :)" and from then I also became distant. I don't text him for as long as I can (for about three days only) and he doesn't text me. When I do, our conversation lasts for only a few messages. Because I say hi as I always do (there is a special way I do it lol) and when he answers me I just send I smile and that's it, normaly he would say something about it and our conversation would last longer but now, he just ignores it and only answers to the messages that should be answered, not to the pointless ones that he used to joke about and just continue our conversation with.


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  • Sometimes we can inadvertently affect another's feelings, and often they won't tell us. Unfortunately, the best solution isn't to ask them what's wrong.

    If something is wrong, they will communicate it with you when they feel the time is right for them. If he never tells you what's wrong then, after all, is he really the kind of guy you want in your life?

    When nothing is wrong, you have nothing to worry about and should just put him out of your mind until he contacts you. If he never contacts you, again, is he really the kind of guy you want?

    As an adult (25+) you can often use your skills of perception to figure out what's wrong, but chances are you may end up wasting more time than it's worth. Why not pursue someone who is less confusing to your psyche? Or put your thoughts and energy towards the rest that life has to offer?

    All the best, hope things work out for you ^_^


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  • hmm. it seemed like he was really into it for a while, those starting few months, but the novelty kinda wore off there =P. he's probably gotten bored of your relationship and you may have run out of things to talk about... so yeah... its fizzling out. So what can you do?

    a) Spark it up. take the lead role, talk about more things, show him you're still interested.

    b) let it die a slow miserable death.

    so yeah =(. also it could be he really likes you, and has to separate himself not to get hurt... but, even though I'm sure you're an amazing person, that's probably not the case...

    or he could just be really busy in life and doesn't have time/focused on something else, but in that case its not really a relationship issue. *shrugs*.

    Well, I'll stop rambling now- and I hope this helped =P. and I hope my humor isn't that depressing haha... Good luck there ^_^!


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  • He doesn't like you the way you like him. He really sounds like a douche bag especially when he said 'do however you want'. That indicates he doesn't care what you do and he knows that you like him more and uses that to an advantage because he likes the attention. I would just stop talking to him completely and find someone else worth your time. Good luck.

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