Guys, what makes the distinction from a girl you like enough to only hook up with and a girl you want to date?

i hooked up with this guy that I'm somewhat friends with one time and then we hooked up again. we are in college and we have less than 2 weeks until summer break. he said to me, "i honestly have no idea what I'm doing right now. I know it's way too late in the semester to try to start a relationship...but I also know I really like hooking up, especially hooking up with you because I really like you." basically, my question is, since he's saying this do you think he only likes hooking up with me or he wants to date me but there just isn't enough time left to start something? I don't know what makes that distinction between a girl you like enough to hookup with and a girl you like enough to want a relationship with.


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  • He really wants to date you though because of time restrictions, he just can't do it.

  • It seems like he does want to date you just he's worried it would be bad for both of you with so little time to get attached to each other. If he's still hooking up with you he obviously has some attraction to you. usually for me a girl I would just hook up with is a girl that is attractive but has a bad personality or I'm just not compatible with. Personalitiy does come into play for guys even though most girls don't believe it. If he is still hooking up with you and it sounds like he likes but with only 2 weeks he understands its hard to pursue anything. That is what rough with college its just hard to have a relationship.

    • I'm stuck in a similar situation!There's this guy that always used to say hi to me but only approached me a few months ago... and we've been hooking up ever since! He's a nice guy in general and more on the quiet side compared to his loud friends. I just moved out of residence and I wasn't expecting him to say goodbye, but I wok eup to a text saying he prob can't see me before I got but to have a great summer. I said it was okay and said the same thing back, and he said "thanks" :( IDK

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