What do I say? email or text?

Im new to my cirty and I saw a bedroom I wanted to sublet. anyways this guy is a twin and is a fitness trainer in his brothers gym. in his online ad he gave his phone # to call him if someone didn't want to email. well I emailed him and I said that I didn't have my cell on me until Monday.

we emailed back and forth and no metion of the cell. when I saw the place there was lots of staring, very friendly, lots of flirting etc. he emailed me 15 min after I left saying "Hey thank you for coming by! My number is xxx-xxxx. Its all yours :)" and I'm not sure how to proceed. I'm new to the city and I have plans to go back tomorrow or tuse to view the house. Should I text him my # or email?


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  • Just your number.


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  • ..." :) Great ! ! ! ! ! !"

    Couldn't resist. If I'm understanding you right, you're wanting to initiate or escalate your interaction with him, even though you feel out of place? It's as easy as conversating like normal. Let him know he's heard, laugh at his jokes, you know what you like - do it for him. When something comes up that could be mistaken flirtatiously - make your move and bust his balls. Hopefully he's got the feet to keep pace. And alternative if you really don't feel flirtsy is to make a situational opener... Let me give you an example:

    Him: ";)"
    You: "...Man I am so sore today, I've been new to this whole yoga thing."
    Him: "Shit, sounds like you need a massage" (Or to make a more difficult text) "Ouch"
    From there you can simply send an invite to have him come over and give you a massage... Where you can sit and converse, escalate further, etc.. Much smoother entrance than trying to be something you're not.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • Lol go ahead and try it.

    From my experience, I gotta have face to face confirmation before anything happens lol. A text can be misread easily.

    Like for example, some girl who I just met texted me this "im horny", and this I came into a fast conclusion that she wanted me and she said "oh no thank you, I have a bf"

    • Oh Well that b**** is just playing mind games. I'm not sure, I want to flirt but I don't want to move to quickly as we only met for 5 min and have only spoken a few times about the apartment. I'm seeing him in a week and I've already gotten a few things to talk about (like that we both taught English in china/both are into working out/being healthy/country music etc) so I just need a little...prep haha

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    • He's already got my phone number! I think I am just going to wait until the next meeting in person and suggest something!

    • About your last sentence, girls can be so strange with that, huh? :-P

  • Date me instead

  • Yes, that will work great. Be yourself.
    That text response will work well.


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