Mixed emotions? don't know how to feel? hmm.. confused

my emotions are all over the place so I don't know how to feel right now, my boyfriend has started poly tech this year, he is doing a chef class, he is a really cook and I got him into cooking so he took up the chef class, but there is this girl he texts I know he has to text her and all but its hard knowing that he works with her and texts her, he has cheated on me like 3 times b4 but it wasn't bad so I stayed with him and I really really love him but I just can't get past it

HELP PLEASE I'm stuck I don't know what to do


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  • He cheated on you not once, not twice, but three times? _And_ you are still with him, his history considered, _while_ he is texting another girl?

    I'm not sure if I just got trolled or if you are really wondering what you need to do about this relationship or how to throw out your hurt feelings.

    Answering seriously, you need to take some time off from men and learn to treat yourself with more respect.


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  • "he has cheated on me like 3 times b4 but it wasn't bad"

    This could mean 2 VERY different thing.

    - either he properly cheated on you (had sex with another girl) and you overlooked it (woaw...)


    - he didn't cheated at all, but you're a psycho thinking that talking or smiling to another chick is cheating ... which is why you half admit that "it wasn't bad" because you know you're a psycho...

    • he didn't go as far as sex but it wasn't just talking looking or smiling at someone

  • If you continue to date a person who has cheated on you 3 times, you get what you deserve.

  • Something might happen. It's best if you leave the guy.


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  • I know you love him and all but if he has cheated on you three times and you still are with him, he is going to feel like it's okay to do it again because he knows you won't leave him. You probably deserve better than this unfaithful guy who is just going to hurt you again. Not worth your time.

  • What is he texting about? If it is stricly school related stuff than OK, friendly things like "how are you and why werent you at class today" might still be cool if they work together and they are friends. But good morning good night texts are showing you the red flag for sure.

    I am not here to judge, but staying with someone after cheating is not the best idea (tho I did the same, and kind of regret it).

    Talk to him about things that gets you upset, no judging no screaming just let him know that it bothers you, tell him you want to trust him and sort this topic out.

    I don't know what else I would do in this kind of situation. If you love him, you have to trust him. But if he is cheating on you (is texting only cheating? is for you to decide) maybe it is time to find someone who respects you more.

    • thats and I'm not sure what the texts say he doesn't tell me, what do you mean is texting only cheating?

    • I meant If he is texting only (no physical contact, just texts) would you consider it as cheating? (sry, raised bilingual, sometimes my English is not very good)

    • ok then thanks