Broken up two years and he still wanted to cuddle?

My ex and I broke up two years ago when he got stationed to turkey. Since then he has visit me twice. The last time he was here we fooled around and he told me that it was never just sex, but it was still more to him ( he has said that a lot since we broke up), and he held me for about 15 minutes till we fell asleep. A few months later I asked him if he still loved me and he said his feelings for me had changed. Yesterday he came to see me along with some friends before he leaves for war in less than a month. Last night felt like old times again though, because he held me and kissed me, we did fool around, but then he held me afterward again and kept massaging my arm and stomach, and he did it all night until we woke up. Then when I dropped him off to get his rental car, he kept hugging me and telling me it was great to see me again. Was all of this from the point of a friend or is there something there on his end?


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  • There's really something going on. It seems that his feelings became stronger.


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