Why is he so dismissive of me?

Been with this guy for 6 years. Since his mother passed away, he moved back home so his dad won't be alone. He will come and stay a few days then goes back to his fathers. He doesn't even really spend time with his dad, he's just in the same house. But, when he goes over there, I may get the equivalent of 7 minutes of his time the whole day. I call him in the morning to wake him for work, we talk briefly. He calls when he gets out of work, we talk very briefly before he makes up an excuse to get off the phone, like he has to do his laundry. (the washer and dryer handle it, it's not like he's out there with a washboard and tub) and I text him usually 5 to 6 hours later that I am going to bed, and he will call for like 2 minutes long enough to say he's getting a shower and goodnight. I don't ever get texts from him, he never says he misses me. He does say he loves me, but when he goes back to daddys house, it almost feels like I cease to exist to him. I am tired of this behavior and have told him time and time again, but for it only to continue. any thoughts?


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  • It seems that he's just tired of his job, and he just want time for himself.

    Why not give him a visit and spend time together?

    • I don't usually go anywhere without invitation... the invitation is never there in this case. I don't I think he realizes he's pushing me away while he wants his own time.

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  • I had two exes like that, I later found out it was because they were both married and their wives decided to take them back. I was so upset when I Found out they were married the whole time, but all the signs were there. They never texted me only called, it was short or at odd times (like 4am) and they barely had time for me, even though they were not that busy.

    • wow that is very unfortunate. but this guy he's never been married has no kids has no background of ever being married but the behavior that you described is exactly the same very dismissive he does call during regular hours of the day and things like that its just all very short. I don't know why he's being this way but it is driving a wedge between us and I don't know if he intends for it to or not.

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