How much contact is "too much"?

A guy I've been seeing will call and text me almost daily, but sometimes I send him a message and he says it's annoying and distracting to get them (while he's working). Since his hours tend to change, now I just wait and figure he'll just call/write when he's ready -- but if he's busy when I send a message, can't he just wait and reply when he's free?

Anyway, back to the question: With a person you contact daily, how much contact is "too much" from HER to you?


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  • It depends. If he's busy then he'll not want to talk. If he's absolutely free, then it's never too much.

    My respect goes to him for being honest to you. I know a lot of people would keep it in even if it annoys them.

    • He's honest -- I'm not arguing that -- but I don't know when it's okay to communicate with him, you know? It's not my goal to annoy him.

  • There's no too much contact unless one is busy.


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