Guys, what is he thinking and what is my next move?

Met a super great guy about 3 weeks ago. He is semi-well known for his career and has a lot of girls flirt with him. We went on 3 dates. First date great! Second date even better, but when he tried to kiss me I got scared and didn't let him. Third date also good, we did was amazing...but when he tried to feel my boobs I stopped him. All of this was happening knowing that he was going to be living the state for the next four months because his sports season was over. He was still in town for 3 days after the last date but we barely talked and I didn't see him. I have spoken with him once, it was a good conversation which I started, since he has been gone. He still follows me on twitter, instagram, and Facebook. He likes most of my pics and will sometimes comment on them. He seemed really into me on the dates and wanted to know about my future plans and thoughts on marriage and kids. Anyway I am wondering if he is still interested (if he ever really was...maybe he was just hoping for sex) and what I can do to keep him that way via text or whatever over the summer. I don't want to come off as clingy, too desperate, or slutty. Is there a balance and is it bad that he hasn't contacted me first? Again he has girls throwing themselves at him all the time and I know he is not used to having to work at it with girls. But that was one of the things he seemed to like about me, he had to approach me first when we met.


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  • It seems that he's just looking for sex. He's not the guy for you.


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