What is up with him not contacting me in 4 days?

I met this guy back is September of last year. He was dating someone at the time so we kept it casual and communicated by text once in a while just to say hi. Well 2 months ago we started hanging out and going on a few dates. ( he had broken up with the girl a month prior). For the past 2 months we have been seeing each other 3-5 times a week. He doesn't text me a lot. We agreed that we were seeing each other and that we would see where thing go. He also stated he wasn't trying to rush into a relationship. The problem is we have been having sex the past month and the last time I heard from him was Thursday morning, we went for a jog at the park, and he seem really into me. after that

I have no clue what's up with him. I knew he had a 10 k Saturday morning. that's all. He hasn't bother to call or text. I'm not sure how to take this. ( I haven't tried texting or calling) by the way we usually go running in the mornings.


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