When does texting become "too much"?

Ok...so I have this friend...that seriously annoys me on how much she txts! I know it sounds silly...but let me explain in details...her and I are usually close friends but we recently had a blow out fight...over txt..of course! I just kinda blew up on her! Because her constaly txting fustrated me so bad! Like I obviously text but when I text there more like couple of one line sentences back & fourth...until I can actually call da person back...ya know. Her on da other hand would want 2 have conversations over txt...where they were more like paragraphs...It seriously became 2 much Because it got 2 da point that all our conversations were over txt! Seriously! It would be like...I would call her but she would never return my calls with a call...just txt! So my normal reaction was just to ignore her txts..but then I came out to be da bitch...for not responding...it's like why would I call someone..that never actually wanted to talk? I don't want to end a friendship over something dumb like this? But what should I do? Has anyone ever experienced this?


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  • I hate when people text so much, it really irritates me, I know how you feel, it is like someone is annoying you beyond belief

    • Thanxs...for understanding:-)...but what should I do about my friendship with her? Like how can I make her understand that I would rather have a phone conversation...then converse over txt?it's been almost a month...that we've had contact since our text fight...were normally as close as sister & we've never gone this long with out talking 2 each other..

    • the only thing you can really do is tell her no more texting until she has at least a few phonecalls, she seems very odd haha