How true do you think this statement is?

When a guy dated a girl and they discussed marriage but broke up, he typically marries the next girl he dates. How true do you think that is? Any experience with that statement.


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  • Both guys I turned down married the next girl they dated. I think it has to do with the guy simply being ready to marry.

    • So they proposed, you said no, then they got hitched to the next girl? Or were you both having open discussions about the topic and it just didn't work?

    • They proposed, I said 'no'.

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  • it suggests marriage was on his mid but they were not compatible. that's all.

    i don't see why are how people plan to marry before they even know if they want to marry a particular person.

    you guys didn't talk about marriage because you wanted to marry each other as much as you just wanted to marry. so you discussed it because any gf/ boyfriend isa possible candidate for marriage

    to me that's messed up inversion.

    you can talk about going to school and choose a different school. because you decide to go to school before you find one. but imo people should be a different process. you should be inspired to be with them because you want to be with that particular person. instead of looking fora person to fit into a box called marriage.

    • I'm talking about the two of them discussing getting married and having kids then realizing one wanted to wait longer than the other one was willing to