Falling in love with a man across the country...

I met a guy online months ago. Because we are across the country, yet shared a lot of similar interests, we started texting a little (just as friends who shared common interests. Kind of a "why not" situation). Texting moved on to sharing pictures and phone calls, and earlier this month, we confessed we really liked one another. I have never felt such a strong connection with anyone before. It's bizarre. We were both on this site as a joke (just out of curiosity). Neither of us have had any trouble in the past going on dates or whatever with people around us. Yet this guy is literally everything I've ever wanted in a man (and I'm exactly what he wants in a woman). We Skype all the time now and it's literally painful to be so far away from each other (like I said before, it's a surreal experience. I've never been in a situation like this before and neither has he). We are trying to figure out how to see each other this summer, but because we are across the country, it's so incredibly expensive.

I know what I feel might sound crazy, but I seriously think this guy is going to be in my life for a VERY long time. My biggest issue right now is how to deal with the distance... I need to save up in order to see him and he has some money to see me (I am moving out to where he is anyway next year. I had that plan before I even met him). I don't want to move too fast, but I don't know if I can wait until next year to be with him. If he was to come here, he would have to meet my family (which is where I think it's too early for that since we haven't been on a proper date yet), but if I was to go out there, I would have to bring a friend with me and I don't want to make her a third wheel...

I just don't really know what to do. Any ideas?


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  • he comes to you, and you don't make a big deal (meet my family) out of it. you date couple of times and then you show him to your family:)...


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