In a dating relationship, how do you take a girl serious when she jokes all the time

Met a girl last year back in October. Quiet surprisingly she approached me, we shared mutal interest, and attraction and began ((talking)). 2mnths into it we stop talking due to a huge argument we had on my behalf. 8mths go by and we recently established contact again randomly. We begin talking and for some reason we both admit that we like each other more now then before so without hesitation we began ((talking)), text, phone calls, outtings, meeting family etc. I guess the only thing that bothers me is, I know there is a communication barrier, of which I know takes time to over come, but in the mean time she jokes all the time, and its hard to take her serious. She mention to me, that's her personality she doesn't take anything serious, and asked me to stop tripping and over thinking everything .. How do I go about this... ? I've already gotten up set, angry , I really like her and she has told me other wise.


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  • Do as she asks; dont' tqake her too seriously, just enjoyher company and wisecrack back at her when you feel like it.

    If she thinks you can communicate on her level, maybe..maybe ...MAYBE she'll start taking you seriously., Wait for her to do that before you approach her in any serious vein.

    But if you objectt to her attitude, she'll drop you before long.

  • Why would you take any woman seriously? Dude, no offense, but it's YOUR relationship and you LEAD it wherever you like. Set your boundaries and warn her that you will NEVER tolerate any childish behavior from her. Your own terms, she can take them or leave them.

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