I don't know what happend ?

well I went on a date on Friday with a guy I've been talking to on and off for 7 years and we're from the same high school class. Friday was our first date at a cafe shop to see a friend of his play. and he wanted me to meet his friends. pretty much during that time we were sort of distant. but after that on the way home me and him talked and got close. he even texted me that after he dropped me off at 4am and then I fell asleep 2 hours later I texted him apologizing I fell asleep.

Friday he even asked me what was I doing Saturday. and if I want to go to a movie. so I said sure ill go. but nothing happend.

not even a text or anything.

and I'm not sure what happend if I did something or if its him.

And now it is Tuesday..


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  • He must have just gotten busy or he lost his phone along the way. Text him again.

    • I did. With a * hey*

      And no response

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