I miss him like crazy

I don't know if anyone will be able to help, but I appriciate all the help and advize you give

basically a good friend and I dated but we never labeled it anything, he moved away and we kept in touch, and finally when he moved back we went back to dating, and I felt like my dream came true, than suddently he began ignoring me, not wanting to hang out etc, it was weird since he was my great friend of 3 years what happened..

Than after few weeks he got in a relationship with a girl from his hometown, it broke my heart when I saw it on fcb, they broke up one month later

now 6 months later he is daing a new girl, from the pic they have on fcb together I noticed, than he contacted me few weeks ago and wanted to see how I was doing, before he contacted me he suddently liked some new pic updates of me which was very odd for me since he never did that

when he contacted me he asked me how I was doing and how we lost touch and how he really want me as his friend, he said the girl on that pic is a good friend of his and maybe they will date he's not sure

he asked if I was dating anyone and how prob everyones waiting in line, cheesy and he tried to joke about things we joked about, he also said he would write me whe I got home from my trip, and its been like 4 weeks since I got home, I also had my birthday and he didn't say anything,

basically I miss my friend but he hurt me alot, and I don't know what to do, he lives 10 min from my work and I wish I could see him again, I still have him on fcb

his birthday is next week and I won't say anything, I won't be weak

so what to do.. Does he care for me or not?


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  • Sorry to say it... it sounds like you were used honey.

    Maybe he had good intentions and obviously there is some friendship between you two but he started letting his lower brain (if you get my drift) get the best of him. However, even while you were dating, and I assume hooking up, he was still looking for a girlfriend. When he found her, he broke up with you and started dating the other girl.

    So now perhaps he was lonely for a friend or lonely for something else he reached back out to you but it clearly doesn't seem like he values the friendship all that well otherwise he wouldn't have left you hanging for several weeks.

    Again I'm sorry to say it but it sounds like he kind of used you as a place holder, "dating" you until he found someone he liked better... This sounds harsh and I don't mean it to be but I think it is the reality of the situation. I also think you should put some emotional distance between you and him. Realize that he doesn't seem like a very good friend or partner and while it may hurt to lose that at least you will not feel like you expect anything from him other than what's he's shown which is a lack of concern or consideration for your feelings

    • I know all this and I don't want to talk to him :/ but I think deleting him is kinda drama queen ish so I'm just going to ignore him

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    • to be honest I don't think I miss him, but I miss someone in general, he was the first everything I've had , never been with another boy

    • that is probably the case then. We often feel a rather irrational attachment to the first. So like you said you don't miss him but rather miss having someone close and intimate to you.

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  • He really does care for you, but as friends.


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  • I'm sorry, but he treated you like a booty call or a temp and not like a friend... You don't deserve that you seem like a nice person.

  • hell no..he is a douche bag...don't even respond to him anymore,he has you as a back up plan..dont allow that,hes shown you who he is,believe him