One word answers and texting?

I have never been a big texter, with prior girlfriends I would always call/they would call and we would talk on the phone. My current girlfriend clearly prefers texting.

Lately I've been getting one word answers from her, opposed to the longer ones she used to send. They're usually followed with a smiley or "hehe, haha, lol, etc."

Are one word answers generally a bad thing?

I don't think anythings wrong but one word answers to my typically imply disinterest.

She still tells me I'm a great guy, not as often as she used to but still mentions it.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't look too much in2 it maybe just dnt text bak to the short msgs if she texts you wondering why you havemt text just say well I thought you ended the conversation cos ha ha lol isn't really an answer or question she mightnt no what to say back so tries 2 ans with a bit of humour I personally am not a fan of phone calls o prefer txting but I do haye short one worded msgs.. maybe she's also being a littlebit of a tease by being short and wanting you 2 wonder is there something wrong :)


What Guys Said 1

  • As long as she's responding, then she's still interested.

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