Did she invite me out just for the heck of it and didn't really mean it?

There's a girl who I have a history of chasing in the past, though she's mostly kept me at bay. Just recently it was her birthday, so I wished her happy birthday when I saw her in person. She told me to come out and celebrate with her friends that weekend.

This was the first time she invited me to anything, so I said okay. However, I never got a follow-up text for details, etc., and I didn't want to text her because of all the chasing I did before. The weekend came and went and when I saw her around again, she acted like nothing happened.

So was she basically just saying it for the heck of it and not really meaning it?


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  • u already asked this question..its obvious she didn't care you went or not or she would have asked you why you werent there. get over this girl she sounds conceded


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