What do I say next to her?

Ok I'm on a dating site, as I live in a small town and not a lot of decent looking ladies here. Well this girl close to me, I started talking to her on the site couple weeks back, but then deleted account, and then made new one and saw on her profile she hasn't been fishing since she was little. Well I happen to be going fishing this week, so I sent her a message saying:

Me: Hey stranger I read you haven't been fishing in a while, I'm going fishing this Friday you wanna join me?

Her: If I'm off work sure (:

Haven't replied back, what should I say or do? Give her my number, or ask for hers? or Talk about were she works? I'm new at this dating stuff Thanks


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  • first of all if this is the first conversation with her ,it may seem a little odd,u should talk on the phone first and see if you click ,then plan outings

    • It's the second time I sent one before and she replied to as well, and asked if she wanted to see a movie as she liked movies. Seemed interested, but the movie I picked she wasn't a fan of. I deleted my profile a week later and then made a new one and asked if she wanted to go fishing.

    • I think you need to talk on the phone first and get to know her ,then the first meeting should be coffee or lunch somewhere,then if there's chemistry go from there.

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