What would you do if you had a girlfriend and a female constantly text your phone?

if you had a girlfriend and a girl texted your phone but you claim you don't want her texting your phone would you tell the girlfriend or would you block her number? I honestly think if a female text a guy phone and he's tired of her he will let the girlfriend deal with it or text it...right? what happen if he don't take any action that means he care correct? the female he claim he don't want texting his phone is texting him and he responding even though they arguing. he claim he tell her to stop textin her but he says that in the text messages but just yesterday he just said something different to her. I don't know when they are texting he don't tell me a thing I have to sneak in his phone when he suspect something but he delete his messages making it seem like she talks to herself. to me if he wanted her to stop texting he would have changed his number or blocked her number or did something he's doing nothing. from these text messages even though they arguing I think he still have feelings for her otherwise I would have known


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  • Its a little fishy he's deleting his texts and not hers if he isn't talking to her or if he doesn't want her to continue.

    I am not in a relationship right now, but if it were me and I didn't want her texting me I'd simply tell her, and then ignore her. I might not tell my girlfriend unless it was bugging me and then it would be "Damn, this girl just won't leave me alone. Look". There is no reason to hide it unless its sneaky.

    Since you know and he's claimed to not want it, tell him that you can fix it. Then either block her or call her up and tell her to knock it off. If he says no, ask him why, then tell him to either stop complaining about her or actually handle the problem if he's capable because its bothering you.


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