Why has he stopped texting me

he used to text me goodmorning text me goodnight apologize for taking too long to text me back and now not only does he not text me first anymore but he'll stop texting me in the middle of our conversation. weird thing is though when we do talk it's like nothing's changed the only difference is how frequent he texts me, he still calls me beautiful tells me how much he loves talking to me and how he misses me and wants to hang out the only difference is now he stops replying in the middle of our conversation and stop texting me first should I be worried or should I not because he still treats me the same regardless of who texts who first, yesterday I told him I don't wanna keep him on his phone all day and I feel weird texting him like that and he said "don't feel that way! :( I love your texts and hearing about your day!" Then we talked for a little more and he stopped replying lol. Why has this happened? His behavior when he talks to me hasn't changed, just him texting me first and randomly stops replying


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  • Have you slept w/him? If you have then that might have something to do w/it..., if not then he might have other girls in his life, work and tasks to do are also factors..., he might have noticed something that he didn't not like about you but in the end it all narrows down to him loosing motivation some how he has lost it, maybe he thinks that he has you in the palm of his hand and that you're not going nowhere..., and when you ask him about it if you do have to ask then he is only going to tell you what he thinks you want to hear the only way to know that what he says is sincere it's he says it all by himself w/out you asking him...

    • No I have not done anything sexual with him. He texted me today a song he wanted me to listen to because we have this tradition of "song of the day" where we exchange music. So he texted me today with a song and said "enjoy! :)" I replied with a song and something about it but he never replied. It's weird how he talks to me the same but when it comes to how often he texts me/replies to me he's changed

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  • maybe he's busy? :/