First date with this girl

ok I'm going on my first date with this girl and I asked her if she makes out on a date and she told me loves making out.

I asked her how far will she let me go? She told me to press my luck and see how far she'll let me go. Then she told me that she doesn't have too many boundaries or limits. I think I know what that means but I'm not that sure so can someone tell me what it means so I know exactly what she means?

She's letting me hold her hand, grab her butt, and grab her boobs. If a girl didn't like me she wouldn't let me do.that right


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  • She is pretty much saying that she will let you go as far as you want and she wants you to "do more" than just make out!


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  • She has given you permission to, if she finds you acceptable, stick your penis in her.

    • You're right she's letting her

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    • That's hot.

    • i'm sending you a friend request