Help why is my ex boyfriend keeping my sh*t

My ex of 6 years broke up with me 2 months ago. He broke up with me over text, I know... Lame! Anyway, he won't talk to me on the phone or meet up, but he texts me back. I tried not texting him for a while. Since he didn't give me a chance to talk to him after or about the beak up, I wrote him a letter, and mailed it. He never acknowledged it. I went on a limb & made a dedication on the radio for him. He's always polite when he responds to texts. I ask him how he is & he always says "ok" or "ehhh, I'm ok" . I am close with his sister so no, there is no other woman, she also told me a month after the break up my things and pictures were still up in his room. Like I said, its been 2 months & he still hasn't returned my things, lots of things! Why keep my things but not be able to talk to me!?

Background info. He's left me 3 times before when he gets freaked out & always comes back to me. Before we broke up we were putting in offers on houses & looking art rings. Then we started fighting about little sh*t, mostly my fault... I just want to say sorry. I want him to come home! Please help Me!


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  • You have to give in and be the bigger person. go to his house, with flowers (guys like them too) and tell him this is stupid. you don't want to fight and argue anymore. tell him you love him and he's the man of your dreams. he will cave. gush your feelings to him. tell him to come home.


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