How often does your boyfriend text you?

So I work with this guy. It's really annoying to work with him cause it's like we work 5-10 minutes and then we have to stop working for 30 seconds to a minute so he can send a text message to his girlfriend. His girlfriend also works at the same place. I find it kind of weird, like wtf could they possibly be talking about the whole day everyday and never run out of things to say? by the way this guy is kind of abusive to her (physically) Also from other things I've heard about him he seems like he might be kind of insecure cause he'll get super pissed off and confront guys who talk to girls he's talking to Is it normal for a couple to constantly text each other like that? I mean I would think a girl would want her space. I guess a few texts during the day to see how they are doing and letting them know you're thinking of them would be fine.


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  • My boyfriend maybe texts me once every day or som however I usually initiate. I understand guys aren't usually much into texting.

    However, my friend and her now boyfriend, they constantly text. It is kind of annoying because as soon as he's done work, she has to be with him. So if we are hanging out, I know when she starts texting him more and more that me and her won't be hanging out much longer. It's like they are tied to the hip. And when me and her hang out, she's always texting him.

    But then she gets concerned when I date guys and me and the guys I see aren't like her and her boyfriend.

    Every relationship is different. Some people are heavy into contacting their SO. I do wish the guys I dated were more like that. Not so much constant texting, and contact, but just more.

    I like a guy who wants to know about me and my life and is connected and interested. Not a guy who is distant. However, I find that to be rare.

    But do what works for you. There are girls who are more content having a guy who is distant. You just have to find what works for you.


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  • My boyfriend never texts me, we only talk in person.

  • My sister has had relationships like that. They'd be in the same car right next to each other and text each other anyway. My boyfriend just texts me when he can, which isn't a whole lot during the day since he has school and it varies at night between house work, homework and xbox/watching TV and stuff. I give him his space and he gives me mine, but there are also times where we talk nonstop. I guess it varies.


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  • Everyone's relationship is different, my first question is why do you care? That's between them and not particularly your business. To be honest though, I get the sense your jealous...

    • Not really. In a way that would drive me nuts.