The ambiguous date or just a friendly date

So my dilemma is trying to see if this woman and I are hanging out as friends or dating. Normally I can tell because I usually only go out with women just to date them. But this ones different as I'm trying a new approach; taking it slow. So the scenario is: she's a classmate in college that I started to get to know on FB. Broke the ice and got us comfortable with each other. Around 3-4 weeks ago is when we first went out.

We made plans to go to this food truck event then to a DJ thing on a Saturday (changed the plans later) but the Tuesday of that same week we ended up hanging out after our class got out in the afternoon. This is where it starts to throw me off a bit, we get out at 12 and I ask if she wants to grab lunch and we do. We talk and joke around walking under the beautiful SF sun. We do this and chill next to the bay bridge for hours. I mean like 6 hrs we hung out. It got around 7pm when I suggested we go eat dinner and we did. So we ate and went home around 8-9.

There are at least another 4 times we "hung out" in these kinds of fashions. Went around to different areas each time and explored, ate at different places and tried each others favorite foods. When I do try to pay for a meal she would always just get the next thing we eat; which is nice. Each time it was around 7-9 hrs of eating, walking and talking. When we do text ( I like keeping some excitement so I don't text daily) it usually lasts all day. She also never tries to end the date/hang out on her own I normally have to end it, so I'm taking it as she enjoys being around me.

I try to show her I'm interested with body language, touching her when I talk or do a slight shoulder nudge when I joke with her. She hasn't really done the same which is a red flag to me, but it might be because she's nervous, I dunno. I do feel that she's into me and she has her birthday coming up soon. I want to take her out on a date but want some clarity before I go and ask. There's a lot more I can write but its getting quite long...

So Women: Have you had situations like this with a guy? How was it the same/different that my situation? Should I just use the word "date" when I ask her out the next time?

Anyone: Seeing how I never took a relationship slow, is this the way to do it? I'm a very direct person so I'm not a fan of ambiguity.


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  • You're just treading the right path towards a relationship.

    That girl really likes being with you. Just ask her out to a date. She will respond to it.


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