Im dating an addict and need advise

Dating an addict and don't know how to tell when she is talking or the drugs, I want to help her she is in recovery but keeps relapsing she tells me I communicate well and I don't normally have this problem, any advise would be greatly appreciated!

I have been trying to get her away from her town but. She won't go she is a manager and a big oil company... just really scared for her


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  • Whats are her drugs of choice? If you know that, it can be easy to decipher when she's on them.

    • Her drug of choice is oxycontin I have been thinking about rehab but she won't go she always has an excuse she was 60 days clean on Monday and got and eye infection some how rationalize taking pills the turned to coke the pills again

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  • You should just send her to a rehabilitation center.

    • She refuses to go to rehab

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