girls!! help me out, this girl drives me crazy

me and this girl. we both in the college, we start text during spring break, she is the one who always text me fist, I thought she likes me until she start to talk about she got reject by her crash. so I didn't tell her what I feel about her, I was just keep flirting with her. I tried to make my text clear. I hope one day she can find out I like her.

after we back to school, we don't text that much like before, but she still text me everyday, and she always start it first. I will start text her if she didn't text me more than 2 days. sometimes she will text me when she feel depressed, so we kind talk a lot,

as I said, my texting language is really clear. cause I don't wanna get into friend zone, whenever she said if we are good friend, I always said soemthing else, I never tell her directly that I don't wanna be her friend. once I tried to ask her out becaue I feel like it's time to tell her I like her. so I said do you wanna go to blablabla restaurant with ME tmr? I used capital letter, and I said no one else, just you and me . I said I want to tell her something. she said yes. that day, she asked me immediately when she saw me , she said what do you want to tell me , I got scared suddently, so I didn't tell her eventually, but we chilled in starbucks for like one and half hour.

However everything is getting weird recently

after that I asked her to a school event., it was a semi formal event, everyone should dress up, I wish she could be my date, so I text her can you come to blabla, with ME, she aked with U? I said yes, with ME!, she said yes, she did come to the event, but she didn't even let me know before she came, and she didn't even sit with me, we sat on the same table, but she sat with her friend not me . so I was like I am the one who invited you . why do acting like that ?

she start to text me after 2 days. I did;t start it first this time cause I feel like she act unusual. when I say unusual, I mean, she want me text her, but she barely text me back. she asked me how come I never text her, then I said I was busy for homeworks, then she asked me do I have time tmr morning ? I said what do you wanna me to do tmr morning . then she was like oh sh*t wrong message. = = ! I wait for like one hour, but she didn't text me anything else, so I start text her what's her plan tmr, she said she's going to have breakfast in the city. I said aw, I am going back to city toooo, then she said yea, we can have breakfast together.

but today, when I start text her, she's like text me back every 30 mins. and she said I should happy that I got invited to breakfast, cause it suppose to be only her and her roommate. so I was like if it's supppose only you two, Obviously that text from yesterday was suppose to send to me. why do you say it was a wrong message?

i really need someone help me out. I have no idea what's going on about this girl. she obviously like me , but I don't know if she likes me as a friend or more than just a friend


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  • I think that she wanted to ask you out, but was not sure that you liked her so she tried this trick:) she asked you, but then she said it was meant for someone else. it is perfectly clear that it was meant for you and not anyone else. also, you should really tell her you like her, I think she's confused about it. and if she's not into you, you have to know that too because you can't suffer and think about this forever

    • But I feel like I make it really clear, I asked her out to dinner alone, I asked her to be my date, but she didn't even response my call when she were there and didn't even sit with me . The most confusing part it, she text me said how come I never text her. when I start text her, she barely text back. what's that suppose to mean

    • And, she's not just barely response, her text is getting dry, she start to text me something like k, idk. instead of throw a question to me . Why she said she wanna me text her, but don't response my text

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