We kiss and cuddle but are classed as friends

I've been talking to this lovely girl for one month give or take a few days, we meet up have dinner walk around town and talk about everything we both clarified that when we meet up we know they're dates, but due to both of us just having come out of a bad relationship we play it cautiously, now what I want to ask is we view each other as friends, but we passionately kiss and cuddle and we don't care if it's public or private, I'm just curious of you think this is normal and if you think that it's a clear sign that we like each other as slightly more than friends, but is it his also a good way to build towards a relationship ?

Thanks in advance sharpy :)


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  • "we passionately kiss and cuddle" - you clearly are more then friends. Talk with her about going exclusive, I think you started great being friends and all, since it's easier to build a romantic relationship based on friendly relationship.

    • i had a talk with her, but we both have the emotional barriers up still, she said she wants to see us as friends and then when it gets to a point we feel comfortable we can see it where it leads :) although my barriers are still up I'd happily have a relationship with her, but due to her circumstances with her last relationship she still isn't quite with it but I'm thankful for the insight :)

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  • take it slow never rush just enjoy :)


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  • I think that you should just both try to enjoy the moment and each others company atm. If you both develop a greater trust for each other and take the time to build a strong foundation for your relationship, then this could really last between you both.

    Good Luck


    • yeah, that's the way I'm treating it :) it's always nice to get input from other people too =] thank you very much !

    • No problem bud, treat her right and she may be the one =P

      Your doing great so far, so don't let yourself down by doing something stupid.

    • I've had my stupid times in the past, this one I'm definitely taking my time with :) she very well could be ! ;D