Should I just keep my distance?

Sorry for it being so long :(

Unbeknownst to me, my new boyfriend who had just graduated from airborne school had booked a flight to Hawaii. Without a word, he just up & left me confused & worried for almost 2 days. His phone was off so I couldn't get in touch with him. On the night of day 2, he called & told me why he went M.I.A (missing in action). He said his mother had called & told him his son had a fever. But he never said why his phone was off & I didn't ask. Plus, I was busy typing my research paper so I had to talk to him once I finished. He said, "ok, I'll be up & waiting" so when I called back, it went straight to vm & he never replied to my text message. 2 days past, & his phone is still off & I haven't heard from him.

On the 5th day, he sends a text message telling me he thinks about me, he loves me, he's still with his son until he gets better, he'll be back soon, & he'll call me tomorrow. Well, 3 days have past, he never called. Plus, his phone is still off so he is unreachable as usual. Why is his phone off? He is in one of the U.S. territories so he shouldn't get charged international fees. Plus, I'm not the only one who calls or text him.

F.Y.I, I know not to expect him to call or text me all the time but we were actually suppose to spend some time together after he graduated. & I understand his son is sick & he needs his space but I feel a little neglected over here. Am I being selfish? Should I just keep my distance? Because I haven't tried to call or text him since he last contacted me.

Also, he recently changed his number because he didn't want his ex (the mother of his child) to contact him & be all up in his business. However, I called his old number after I mistaken it for his new number. Unfortunately, I can't confirm if its still his number because no one picked up. However, I did receive a reply a message saying it wasn't.


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  • Your not being selfish hun, in my opinion he should at least spend one minute of his time to call you and explain why he is being like this, instead of leaving you confused, worried and restless all day. Yes his son is ill, but spending 60 seconds on you isn't too much to ask. There's 432000 seconds in 5 days, he has no valid reason to not use 60 of those on you.

    If I were you, I would just keep my distance for now and try to not worry about it. You aren't being selfish at all and hopefully once all this crap with his son is over he will hurry the hell up and call you.

    • I really thought I was being selfish, inconsiderate, or not so understanding but I feel like I deserve at least some kind of attention especially since he just left without saying anything. I'm busy a lot but I try to at least contact him. I don't understand why he can't do the same. Or at least inform that he does not want to be with me :( I'll just delete his number because that's how I keep from having the urge to contact him.

    • I recommend you don't delete the number. There's no need to completely push him out yet, you don't know for sure the circumstances. Just wait a bit longer hun, I know it's hard, but I think you can do it.

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  • this is an easy one. He is with another woman, guaranteed. Guys only act like this for one reason. they are f-ing another woman. So, despite all his words, he is just not that into you.

    • You know that's what I'm expecting so that's why I haven't tried to contact him anymore but I'm not so sure so I'll just leave him alone and move on.

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  • He has to be with another woman, that's why he's phone is off, believe it. No other reason a man would do that to you, unless he was busy. Picking off and leaving without telling you...for sure he's with a woman:(

  • If I were you I wouldn't say anything to him for about 4 days. If he calls, tell him flat, well you seemed busy so I was just giving you your space. Otherwise call him and if he picks up, ask him straight out, what's the matter. Tell him how you feel.

  • I think he's cheating on you. I'd delete his number and never bother with him again.

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