Did my ex play games with me?

Quick backround... Was with ex for nearly 2 years, She left me in November and quickly got with her boss from work which lasted a whole 2 weeks.

Now fast forward to March ( NC since end of November ). She messaged me asking if I would like to meet up in which I agreed. It was nice to see her and it went really well, she was her usual self and everything felt natural. As she dropped me off at home she started crying saying she mad a huge mistake leaving me and how she still loved me.

We agreed to meet up again a few days later and were texting during this time, We went for a walk along the beach, we kissed, hugged, flirted and laughed the whole time. She then tells me she thinks we are soulmates and says that I deserve to be treat better than what she did to me and she can't apologize enough. We agreed we would get back together but take it slow.

We met up a few more times, same things happen but then she had planned to go out with her friend clubbing. I text her the next morning saying hope you had a great night out, I hear nothing back for hours until I get a Facebook message off her asking if I knew what email address was connected to her mobile contract cause she accidentally locked her phone and needed to factory reset it. There were no kisses at end of her messages ( she always put them on ) so I asked what was up, she was cold saying I bombarded her with messages ( which I didn't since I only replied when she text me ) and that I should get on with my life and if she wants something to happen between us she will message me!

Turns out she met some 19yr old kid that night clubbing ( she is 24 ). I saw she added him on Facebook so I sent her a message saying "i take it you met someone else last night then" to which her reply was " as if I'd want someone I pulled in town " Turns out she does want him since they are together now. I can see this blowing up in her face since he lives an hour away and is immature! She is also keeping the relationship a secret from people. I don't even think she knows I know they are an item.

I messaged her on Facebook about a week later saying "i ain't waiting around for you so are you done for good?" She seen it and didn't reply which if I was sure about being done for good I'd just tell them. Anyway I have been NC since the 16th March and neither of us have tried to contact each other. I'm not hurt by it anymore just confused as to how someone can say them things and then just drop them for a kid!


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  • Your being played buddy. Forget about her move on & never look back.


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  • Youv totally being played mate, she got back with you as a tempory cushion and as soon as she found someone else just tossed ou aside, I know exactly how you feel as I've had similar happen to me. The storage behaviors suddenly make sense when you notice their going out with someone else. Feels like your heart been crushed and it's beating like mad. But take it as a blessing in disguise, you wouldn't want her to do this to you further down the road, this is because she would have done it anyways as people do not change.