Am I just his back up? How do I get this guys interest?

This guy I like has texted me a couple times this week, but he ignored my one text in the two months he was dating somebody. I've known him since July, and he's only asked me to hang out a few times. Given, we've both been had significant others here and there, but wouldn't he of made a move by now? I'm kind of sick just texting, how do I get his actual interest?

He broke up with her. And he just asked me over this summer, in two weeks, does that mean anything?


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  • Yes, you're just a backup. Also, you can't get him to like you since he's dating someone now.


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  • I would ask him if he wants to hang out and talk to him about it. If he doesn't seem interested after a face to face conversation I would just move on

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