How to leave this as we leave for the summer?

We're in our 20s, in school, and have been attracted to each other for a few months. We talk occasionally and she gets kind of nervous - I think she even avoids me because she gets nervous. At times our eyes have met and neither can speak :-) She's been seeing somebody for about 6 months, an artsy guy. I think we could be great, but I don't push for women in this situation, and I do have other options. We're leaving for the summer and I won't be in school next fall. We were at an event recently (she was standing like 4 inches from me staring at me the whole time) and she asked if I was going to be around at all next year. I'll still be in the area, just not at school. Should I –

-Try to catch up with her in person before we leave, which I may not have the chance to

-Message her and tell her to have a nice summer

-Message her and tell her to have a great summer and if she has time in the fall it would be great for us to meet up because I think we would get along.

-Something else

I know email/text/messaging is kind of lame, but she gets nervous and all I'd like her to be able to just look at and think about it. :) It's good if a woman chases you a bit, and I think I'm a good catch and don't want to come to easily. So should I give her the responsibility of contacting me when she's back in town? She might have broken up with this guy by then.


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  • If she's nervous the best thing to do is text her because then she went have to face you and go all ready and basically text her and ask her what day she's free and meet up with her! And I think its good your taking it slow and you have your own opinion and much guys these days don't have much patients for relationships they just want to rush into it that's why shy girls never really have the chance because everything is such a rush but your doing the right thing! Also when you meet up with try taking her out her comfort zone touch her arm or ask her personal information etc etc hope this helped! Please answer my question go on my profile and look at the one, 'what are the signs a boys likes you, or is it friendship?'


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  • You should contact her first. Also, ask her out to date.

  • The best would be try to catch up with her in person before you leave.