I was getting over him, now I'm back to square one.

My ex and I broke up a few weeks ago. We did no contact for two weeks and decided to be cordial with each other. Even then, we didn't talk after that. At that point I was really starting to move on, but he texted me the other day. I was civil and texted him back but with very short responses. Then HE stopped texting me mid conversation. What was the point of texting me then? What should I do now? Clearly, I still have a lot of feelings for him. I was learning to accept the break up but my feelings haven't just disappeared. He basically asked "how long are we going to stay upset with each other." I am very unsure of his intentions. What's my next move?


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  • Your next move is to completely remove him from your life.

    Broken-hearted people should never attempt to keep their exes in their lives. It doesn't make sense to do so...why would you want to stay in contact with somebody who broke your heart, leaving you feeling rejected and hurt?

    I've been through a few painful breakups, one very recently. After giving me the "its not you, its me" talk, she asked me to be friends. I denied her request, and told her to not contact me again.

    Its that simple...she is erased from my life, haven't talked to her since, haven't seen her, and I have no intentions to. There is no remaining drama by feeling obligated to be civil / friends with her.

    My point is that you have that right. There's a difference between being civil and being friendly. Civility is dealing with one another in a polite matter through the breakup process, such as exchanging belongings, moving out, etc. That doesn't require you to text him, ask him how he's doing, or caring about what his intentions are.

    Get back to the moving on process. Whenever he texts again, politely say "I would prefer not to stay in contact." That will completely end all the remaining drama of your breakup and you'll be able to get back into the moving on process.

    Good luck!

  • He just want to see how you're doing. Don't think much about it and just move on.


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