How can I make him want me?

I know this guy through my cousin. Long story short one day we were talking and I realized we have a lot in common when it comes to trivial things (favorite movies,etc.). He flirted with me from then after. One day after drinking with friends we ended up in bed together. We didn't have sex but we did some kissing and he gave me head. The next morning we talked and found out we had a lot more in common. After that we texted each other very friendly and innocent messages. A week or so later I got drunk again a my cousins house. I tried to have sex with him in her room. He turned me down and said tomorrow we can at his house. I was so wasted I can barely remember how insane I was acting. The next day he sent me text saying that he can't get involved. My boyfriend passed away a few years ago and this is the farthest I've been with a guy since; that is the reason he doesn't want to get involved. he told my cousin it would be like having sex with a virgin. I feel a connection with him and it don't think it is false feeling because it is the farthest I went with a guy in a long time. He is not handsome by most standards but I Like him. I am not looking to falling in love and be exclusive. I just want to enjoy the company and sex, occasionally, with someone who makes me laugh. Should I give up or still pursue? If I pursue how can I make him want me again.

Guys I need advice!


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  • He is an asshole. Don't waste your time. He isn't realizing how worthy you are and is acting like a huge jerk because he's not that interested. Find a better guy!

    • Thanx I really needed a reality check