can someone please tell me what a rebound girl is? i really need to know?

people tell me I'm a rebound girl for this guy ex of 7 years maybe more years. he quit taking me out on dates. I Haven't been out on a date with him in 5 months and we live together. I moved in with him. he don't take me out with him he leave me in the house when I ask him to take me somewhere he make up excuses I'm only 18 and he's 23...he likes to go party and stuff but I can't drive so he leaves me at home to clean or watch TV or whatever

We been together 6 months and haven't been out in a while his age group of friends are 21 and over...


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  • A rebound girl is technically described as a girl he hooked up with / started dating to get over the last relationship. like the new toy for distraction so he won't obsess over the loss of his last relationship. If it seems like he hasn't really moved on, he probs hasn't. Also, if you seem like the opposite of his ex, or resemble her too much, you probably are the rebound.

    At the end of the day, you don't seem happy. You are 18! Gosh go out there and mingle and have fun. There is no need to by tied down to a guy that seems to show you no interest or put you in a place of priority in his life. To be honest, he doesn't sound like he loves you very much, and it's probably not anything you did, you may just not be his type, he's not ready etc. If your gut feeling is that he isn't really there with you. he's not. you need to move on.

  • theres no public transportation. you can't walk anywhere ? you're not a prisoner. you can go put without him.

    • i just be in the house all day if I don't have to work and I can only get a watiress job because I'm not in college I don't have a way to class or anything

    • there is no bus?

    • none that go the town we don't have a bus station there