Should I break up with him?

I've been seeing this guy for 2 1/2 months. The first couple of weeks he was calling and texting a lot. In this amount of time we have gone out on 6 dates altogether and still haven't haven't had sex. He stood me up one time and I almost stopped seeing him because of it. Afterwards he said he was really sorry and wanted to take me away on vacation somewhere. Well a few days ago he invited me to go to a food and beer festival 3 hours away and told me I was going to meet all his friends and some of his family. He told me the day before we were to leave that the festival was "sold out" of the tickets and I couldn't go. I went online and found out that there are plenty of tickets left! I feel hurt that he took his invitation back and worst lied about it. Should I break up with him or just let it go? I'm thinking he probably invited some other girl. If he is acting this way even before we have sex then how is he going to act afterwards? Even worst?

Okay so I broke up with him! It felt so good to stand up for myself. He called to ask me what was wrong. I said that I knew that he lied and since I don't trust him I don't see this going any further and I don't think this was going to work for me.


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  • Don't be surprised if he tried to twist and turn around everything and try and make you feel guilty about not trusting him...that is what guys like this do. He might act surprised that there were more tickets...act like he didn't know. Then he will say you are the one with the problem in trusting someone. Don't back down and don't let him get to you. He is a big liar. Just be ready fo him to try and throw it back on you...don't let him. I know all of this because I dated a guy like this.

    • Yeah since I hung up the phone on him when he was trying to tell me another lie ...that his friend bought the tickets and he said they were sold out he sent me a text message saying that it's sad that I'm just breaking it off because of some tickets and I don't want to talk it out. It sucks that I have to see him everyday at work. I'm a personal trainer at the gym he works out at. I was really sad walking home and even cried. Even if he admited he lied is better than lying more to cover up.

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    • I can't believe this guy. I text him back and said "I'm willing to hear you out and I want you to hear me out too". He called me while I was walking home from work. I told him I would call him back in 20 minutes. I did and he didn't pick up and I didn't leave a message. Now that I gave him a chance to talk he doesn't even want to talk. I think you are right. I don't want to make peace with him or be friends...I need to stop all contact with him. You are so right! He is calling me names!

    • As long as you talk to him or keep contact he feels he is still in control. When you don't respond to him, he starts calling, texting and saying bad things to you. I'd wait and see if he calls back. If he does I would tell him exactly what you were going to tell him earlier today and then end it. What possibly could he say to change your mind and go back to him??

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  • Dump him now...he is a jerk! Do you really want to date someone that would treat you that way? I know your ego must be hurt...mine would be. And by the way...if he did invite another girl, feel sorry for her! A jerk is always a jerk.

    • I know what I must do. It's diassappointing that I wasted two months on this but thank god we didn't have sex. Ladies...PLEASE hold off on sex until you get to know the guy. I'm glad I did before I invested more into this.

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    • He didn't call back and today when I saw him in the gym he had major attitude. One of my friends at work told me that I shouldn't have an attitude or try to ignore him. I was a little upset last night because he didn't call back but today I feel much better today. Thanks to you I understand his psyche. I don't think there is much to talk about anyway. He is a liar and he knows it. Thanks for your help. I'm just happy that I didn't have sex with him because this would be much harder.

    • Since you do work there just act cool towards him. If he tries to get you to talk about and see it his way say you have decided to go in a new direction. Be polite but direct. You are in your 30's so you have every right to decide who and who not to talk to. Tell you friend that you appreciate her input but that you are handling this the way you want to so that you end up OK. Good luck!

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