What happened here lol. Opinions/advice appreciated

was getting to know this girl for about a yr. We hungout in November and her older sibling came as a chaperon. We go to different colleges one hr apart. she's really shy and showed some signs of interest b4. she's iranian and I'm from afghanistan. A few hrs after the hangout I texted her saying she looked really nice/pretty. She changed after that day, she started taking longer to reply to text and her msgs got colder and its currently been 2 months she's ignoring me completely. I lightly complimented her on her looks b4 on Facebook chat, so it wasn't something new. whenever she changes her default pic, I usually click like on it. I'm usually the only non-family male that likes her profile pic.

I stopped txting her Because she wasn't responding. and I've told her that I wna be friends and get to know her better. I saw her at a high school gathering a few days ago, and we talked. She seemed happy to see me but very shy. I texted her when I got home sayin it was nice seeing her and she replied and now we text normally like b4 except I'm gna take it slower now. why did she act like this lol and is it good that she didn't delete me off her Facebook even though we stopped talking?


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  • It seems that she just doesn't express interest in texts.

    Better spend more time with her in person. Ask her out to dates.