Stood up: Was he just being sweet, or really saying goodbye?

I was supposed to hangout with this guy that I just recently started dating. Its nothing serious yet, but we both talked about wanting a relationship and taking things to the next level (his idea, not mine). Well he asked me if he could spend the weekend with me, and because I thought it would be fun, I cleared my plans to do so. Well... needless to say he didn't show up at all at the time we planed. We had been communicating throughout the earlier half of the day (like we normally do everyday) but after a while he didn't call or text me back at all. the last message he sent to me before not showing up said "I'm glad I met you". Since then its been about three days and I haven't heard from him, even though I texted and called him. Was he really saying goodbye when I thought he was just being sweet? Or did something come up and I'm over thinking things (like I normally do lol) either way I'm confused because this was his idea and he still stood me up and ignored me? any thoughts?


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